Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yay! My first blog :)

Wow, it's about time, eh?!
My first blog ever. I've been wanting to do one for quite some time but have never had the time nor space to do it. Now that I have the net at work (I know, I know....) and have moved in to a much larger place with my very own craft room, I can spread out and do more of things that I've been wanting to do. I've started making all sorts of things and it's been making me super happy!! It's good to have a hobby. Plus, Ive posted a few pics on Facebook of some of the things I've made recently and I have people inboxing me asking how much to make them one or asking if they can make an order! That makes me feel good and shows me that I'm doing a good job too :)  I have "holidays" coming up starting on Monday, I'm not going anywhere but I'm gonna take the time to relax with my husband Alan and make stuff for people. I'm excited but I am gonna miss work and most likely be stopping by there every couple of days!! Who can say that?!

On another note, it seems to be giveaway fever out there in the land of Facebook and Blogland!! I noticed this a couple of days ago and one thing lead to another and Ive entered all these things!! There's so darn many!! Last night when I got home from work, I logged on to FB and had 2 notifications saying I had won 2 giveaways!! Just little things but both things that I super wanted!! 1st one was a funny story. Before I had logged on to FB, I was searching around the house for my yummy smelly melts that I like to have going to help relax me after work. I couldnt find them anywhere....(Alan has a habit of "tidying" things a lot which is awesome!... just if he put things where they belong though! I love you Alan!!) so I gave up and logged on and lo an behold from Country Scents and Gourmet Mixes I won 2 clamshell pkgs of yummy smelly melts!! What a coincidence :) I thought that was pretty awesome!! I also won a beautiful necklace fromVanishing Jewels!!! I love it :) I feel lucky! Now just if I could win the big giveaway from Forty Toes Photography!! Now that's the mother load!!! I'm crossing my fingers for that one! Anyways... better get back to work :)